Body Contouring

What you can expect from you Lipo-Light sessions, how Lipo-Light works. Everything you need to know about the treatment sessions is covered in the FAQ section, here is brief overview of what to expect. Lipo-Light Body Contouring is a painless, non-invasive LLLT treatment in which the fat cells are forced to empty their contents into the blood stream where they are carried out of the body via the lymphatic system.

Treatments last 20 minutes and are administered twice weekly for the desired amount of services. Results are immediate and permanent.

Please arrive fifteen minutes early for your first session and wear lose comfortable clothing. We need to take pictures and measurements, and then the pads will be placed directly on the skin at the selected areas and at lymphatic drainage areas as well. After twenty minutes, you begin the Whole Body Vibrations for an additional 10-15 minutes. You may chose to listen to a relaxing affirmations and hypnosis track or your own music. We also offer relaxing spa sounds or you may chose to have the room quiet.

You may not eat for two hours prior and post treatment, but please do drink plenty of water.